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Ten old TVB series [for fine serial]
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1, Paul Chun
81 years to join the wireless television Paul Chun, from the \indispensable. Paul Chun’s acting skills can be said simply to the realm of superb, I first met Paul Chun is in the 83 version of \penetrating, a domineering and gentlemanly, there is momentum, disturbing Xinzhe.
now the most active in the wireless series wants to know is none other than the non-Paul Chun, a large number of first-line series (\\scenes heavy and, Qin joined the drama elegance.
Paul Chun plasticity, is a paradox, is a very complete artist, not limited to one type of shaping the image of colorful characters. whether it is mall tycoon, a good man or a treacherous villain at home (Paul Chun in \a treasure.
part of the role of Comments:
\This is Paul Chun equivalent shape and temperament matched to the interpretation can be said by its very convincing.
\not that much, has launched its sincere and between father and son fishing at home feeling thoroughly interpreted, very touching, full of his own performance skill.
\Paul Chun so much character can \headache, really interesting borne.
\\father’s generation.
Paul Chun wide road show, is a paradox, called a brother in the wireless older students.
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2, Luo Yuelin
good as the 1976 Hong Kong version of \gives people the fortitude, tenacity, sense of integrity for speech, not Arafat’s role. Certainly also tried a lot of shaping the role of villain, the general feeling.
part of the role of Comments:
\sir’s father Jiangding Bang, a role for a look of righteous Luo Yuelin to play very appropriate, and justice deeply rooted among the police image. drama Luoyue Lin and Jiang Yizhong had a rape, the two major power to send each other Biao acting, see the audience shouted fun.
\Romania is by no means the wind took the image of this type. But the excellent acting by virtue of its Law is well illustrated in the wind took that role. arrogant, eccentric, ambitious and aggressive image in Romania who has been the best show . Hong Kong version of \immersed rich young man \lie in the legendary \play these roles seem not convincing enough, who told him a look of righteousness.
\minister of state, and the role of our loyal and can be regarded as Romania, will naturally not bad.
\This role is very weak, little scenes.
\son, can be said that enjoyable. how people get material God, did not expect this kind of outcome could it be the tragic couple.
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3, Hui Siu Hung
graduated from the first phase of the wireless arts training classes, the old horse can be considered wireless. I know he is from the first 83 of the \Wireless carry the tripod this year for many of the role is now active in the screen, a full wireless now wants to know from the top half of the sky. Hui Siu Hung scholar Zhu Cong Cherish is played, when the scholar’s promise to appear in it is general, not impressive. as they age, their role and began to take an aging comic line, but more and more the color of the back.
Hui Siu Hung is my very favorite artist, born a comedy face, very friendly. on the screen by easy humor, the natural interpretation of some of the impatient reckless, outspoken, fooling with soft-hearted, died while saving face and often provoked jokes portray the vivid image of Uncle uncle. the play of his There can often ease the tension about that episode has Zhang relaxation, is an indispensable supporting role.
addition to wireless shooting, the Hui Siu Hung on the big screen is also very active in the performance of his recent works can be are very eye-catching: \:
\old-fashioned, jealous heart weight, a large man holding a small idea man.
\Lo Mang, silly man, or profit margins will decrease a lot. There Hui Siu Hung and Zhu Mimi play up an old clown, to the play elegance.
\role. The period of misunderstanding Gigi Wong opera quite like him mean.
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4, Hu Feng Hu Feng
may be grandparents of the characters. from the 1953 film, which starred in the film more than two hundred, were almost all Cantonese film actress with whom he has worked. seventies, Hu Feng began to switch the TV industry for development, starred in many TV series, very popular. HU Feng is one of several in the art world evergreen tree, from the film forty years, students from small to medium raw speech, the audience is to be accepted by older students are still very rare. In particular, for his last radio 70 years old held a birthday Variety Show \years in the wireless multi-play,Christian Louboutin discount, so that we can continue to see on the screen of his style.
role or Comments:
\Yang wrong married two wives, who together enjoy a blessing not so good, and really make life difficult for him. Hu Feng, the contradiction between this character and complex interpretation of the mood very well.
\Hu trim played a dance instructor. a young man dancing Hu Feng superior to the known, this role is appropriate. Hu Feng dance drama is still cool and generous, it really was got it.
\Chiang Kai-shek (Nick Cheung decoration) of the father more than honest,Christian Louboutin Heels, we can see is a name to listen to more serious roles. with a straight face, Hu Feng is also unusual seriousness.
\Dad, \humorous without losing love, but later had senile dementia, very sorry.
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5, said Liu Jiang Liu Jiang
have to start from the Legend of the Condor Heroes .83 version of \At first, I gradually realized a lot of wireless outstanding artists, when the Legend of the Condor Heroes Today, many have been turned into an old green leaves of wireless, while the actor finished Yanhong Lie Liu Jiang is one of them.
part of the role of Comments:
participating in the drama too much to talk about his series Jin Yong’s performance:
83 version of \many of the classic, complete Yanhong Lie the characters no less. Liu Jiang, Yanhong Lie shaped by no means a complete formulation of the villain, the role of flesh and blood, but also has many merits: if such thing, shrewd and capable; rather heavy feelings of Bao Xiruo soul to deep, caring, in addition to the Yang Kang as her own, love for me. but he means to use when competing Bao Xiruo very dirty, though it is a villain, but never boring. Liu Jiang performance in the play rather delicate, and Bao Xiruo couples love, love with Yang Kang’s son, and when to treat the enemy with great accuracy Henla are deductive.
95 edition of \people like the old man, Liu Jiang play this small role to a pity.
97 edition of \giving a strong familiarity, but the wireless stylists, make-up artist is all too great friends.
LV version of the \The same can be effortless, acting class.
as well as in Jordan Chan version of \A.
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6, Guo Feng, a senior artistes
wireless, and Guo Feng’s This face is the first impression may be negative enough, needless to say Guo Bobo’s strengths is the bad guys. But do not be fooled by appearances Oh, look at the surface is often inaccurate, Guo Feng fact Faithfulness can play, regardless of Big plays a big evil only evil men are still stuck with a good convincing plasticity.
a role Comments:
\thought it was to play Wang Wei Lu Pu-wei, and later found the original version of the Lu Pu-wei Kuo. However, Guo Feng speech was also ok friends. drama scenes heavy and Guo Feng, Ayutthaya deep, crafty, ruthless interpretation of the image very well.
\Criminal Investigation 4 \the role of her mother Ma Ma Man, love to get petty, very interesting. Guo Feng’s boss used to seeing the image, there are points not used.
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7, Liu Dan
in \The concentration of know Jingdian Ju Liu Dan, the play is played by Liu Dan Feng Cheng Cheng (Natalie) of the father villain Feng Jingyao. The real role of a household name to Liu Dan or \seven males and one corner, and he was ten years filming TVB Old and New \The favorite characters.
part of the role of Comments:
\Huang Rong and Guo Jing Hong Qigong first met in the period drama, the Father’s playful spirit and small Ronger tease each other, really fun. These changes not only the essence of the original non-destructive, anti-that increases the look of the series. Liu Dan played Hong Qigong kind without losing the sophistication, but also with a bit bold in the fun, look just like an adorable old people, and his greedy and food hurry the current posture, both people feel funny, but it is a seven males these weaknesses, it would not seem unreasonable, and Liu will be seven males and shape just right, no wonder that wireless Jin Yong play the \Golden Years, \deep, clever, and Chen Manna is a pair.
\sister princess in front of Sasa, is simply how do you say how good! called the history of the most gentle emperor. Do not look at the play’s Liu Dan, although dignified enough, but the left-Yong million chaise (Stephanie Che decorated) Right Fan Po Royal (maggie decoration) Yan Fu’d not shallow.
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8, Qin Huang
Qin Huang wireless veteran artists, and long-term wireless filming, Francis Ng had also composed of a pair who once sang with the combination. its representative nature is 83 version of \Huang was very young, she is also more symmetrical, his live old elf. Shiyou angry look old elf pulled his beard, also known as naughty and dancing like to Qin Huang is known to the old urchin to grasp the essence of the corner. Since the successful interpretation of old elf, the Qin Huang little masterpiece, the recent drama in the body in the wireless has been such as buckets in general, a good fat ah!
part of the role of Comments:
\. fat and the rivers and lakes hero, Qin Huang played pretty well.
\, and not speech, Leng Leng cerebral temperament head had come out, but not enough image savagely.
\Exploration Record \. In this super-funny drama, star-studded, Qin looks a little pale.
\his wife can be considered as very strong and the mad.
\the role of the most interesting scene, they have a few \mmsource/images/2006/11/03/ew061103010.jpg
9, was a former architect who
Jiang Jiang, his family was wealthy, the famous movie star \with Chow Yun Fat, Anita Mui, Hong Kong, such as the film’s big brother, sister-class characters are an admirer .1960 began the film, he starred in one, two hundred Cantonese films, business cards, the \robbery \Law of the ruthless, \. The figure depicts both Faithfulness can give a unique and engaging charisma, powerful. costume role is naturally the most classic \I am the good \I buy only a supporting role, however, there is the reverse of this supporting role, the ability of living beings, so that the audience of his frenzy, although not mask the character Ronger Jing Gege and light, but also has become Jin Yong an immortal classic martial arts drama. I buy is definitely the most recognized personality Condor figure, and he read, pass on astronomy, geography under the pass, yin and yang, legend, gossip, poetry and painting, medicine Bu even arithmetic operators are invariably fine, handsome, martial arts is when the world’s leading (top five), this figure seems to be only just Jinda Xia described by Kennedy, to find a real person in real life too difficult to play may was. But who puts the Wulin Qi Jiang was, a great master interpreted extremely perfect. the play was played with the foot of the river’s mind, turns out to be \yellow island main Wal-Mart has repeatedly been out of the mouth of everyone, but always without a see; when its last appearance, when his face was still a hideous mask, tempt the appetite of the audience. However, when Jiang Jie had Open the mask of the moment, I think even the most discerning his fans will exclaim, \, an original interpretation of the role of the most difficult, it is so openly come from the pen of Jin Yong TV screen.
\rich, in fact Heilao Da, Ayutthaya deep, ruthless. Tsang Qi Joe played the role is a very complex, and its opposite, and in particular between Deric wonderful. the play, Joe is always regarded the adopted son of Qi Qi Hao M (Deric) as yourself out, as the father of the man Qi Hao Jiang Dingbang the emergence of the beginning of estrangement between father and son, Joe was later Qi Qi Hao,Christian Louboutin Pigalle, again and again so disappointed man, and finally completely lost the son. The river has fine performances by series of changes to the process of this great show out, let the audience see clearly. Qi Joe is dying phrase: \.
\(such as \General, Hollywood blockbusters in a tvb actually see an old acquaintance, very friendly.
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10, Chu Yuan
affable radio drama was actually a little old man Chu Yuan-powerful era of Cantonese films famous director, Chu A wise old is really ah. He directed hundreds of films, including 1973 directing \see his shadow, and its dedication to the performing arts, admirable.
part of the role of Comments:
\father, but also a Bowie Lam’s teacher, can be said that the stars around.
\) \This old man who is very apt to a. played in the original play Chu Shen Zhou (Beijing Six Classics of the main hall) gives the impression that it is a corner sweet little old man, not only understanding, yet funny, humor, still long love, really perfect the elderly.
\Buddha corner.
Chu Yuan modest appearance, amiable so the big plays are nice like the role of generally accepted by the audience. Its also tried the villain of the shape, such as \villain, but unfortunately ineffective.
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