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30 Provincial Writers Association Novel Contest Chairman (later changed to tour) has been engaged for some time, relative to the pre-noise, has recently been gradually to settle, in addition to the organizers also adhering behind, Reduobujian, other media have been generally cool. At this point we go back and look at the matter, how many will be calm and be objective.

whether competition Ye Hao, tour worth mentioning, in short, this time with 30 writers have to get his novel published it online. I thought it was a good thing. Course, this is for writers. These writers, which perhaps was not new to the network, they also published an article online, but also write a blog, but the novels published online first choice, I am afraid the first time. So, for them, the move could extend the transmission range of these works. In accordance with past methods, printed paper books, the scope of its spread fear, are limited, on the web, in theory, should be unlimited. See many people, affected the expansion, the writers are afraid to boast. However, there is a second advantage is that the reader can listen to the views. Networks, the writers out of the book, there are feedback, but also criticism, but mostly friends and family say some words of congratulations, New Year, then, very little truth; even if there is criticism, but also more polite, right are more tactful. Different line of criticism may, because it is not face to face, do not need his kind, are straight. Views are not necessarily right, but not lies, not Xuyuweishe, went through the motions, bravado, are real, but some words were terrible, in that the speaker is just to happy, but there may be embarrassing face up against the listener. So I always thought that writers have to the Internet, must be psychologically prepared to do scolded, do not get angry because it was scolded for, to get angry. The old saying here that need it, \. Some criticism is very harsh, and very extreme, young people (friends are always more young people) Well, this is normal, it is inevitable that some writers are running out of patience, and plunged into a war of words, can only be self- whichever is shame, not extra points. In the past we used to say, go to the storms in the exercise, the storm,Christian Louboutin Boots, see the world, online storms is very tempered person. President to take things for

estimated to be one of the organizers of the gimmick. In fact, the President is not the President, is not important, no one ever thought, Vice Chairman of the novel must be better than well-written novels, Vice-Chairman of the novel must be better than an ordinary writer, well-written novel. And vice versa, there is no such reason. Some well-written novels, not because he is chairman; some people are not President (or Vice-Chairman), his novels still can not write well. I think Liu Qingbang well written novel, Dong Li Bo is also well-written novel, Xiao Jian, Tetsuo some of the works are also good. I read their novels, so I would say this. Did not read other people’s work, it is not irresponsible remarks. This is of course just my personal opinion, some may think that they do not how to write novels. It does not matter, have different views, we can discuss, not willing to discuss, you can disagree. Road back, with each taking half, you go to you, I go mine, in this era of diverse aesthetic, which is normal thing. Many people do not speak dialectics, they talk about absolute, it seems very clear that all things are divided, the first one, two is two. How can something so simple world? Always you have me, I have you, like some people say, the writer (or with Chairman) writing some better writers on the Internet. How can this happen? Some web writers or writers write better than some, but more writers on the Internet or even the text does not pass, this is not true? Others say young people must write more than the elderly, the elderly are writing rubbish, not to be. In fact, such a thing is not worth refuting. Age crossed the now popular, what 80, 70, 60, 50, after the like, that the younger, more progressive, the older, more conservative. Or is this it. The waves pushed before, new world, catch the old one. I also believe that the theory of evolution. But we get from real life experience tells us that this division is often absolutely a problem. Popular previously been divided by class, as long as the label affixed a class, you are a class of people; sometimes pop over by ethnic division, will be the essence of a nation, that a nation must have some characteristics; or popular Geographical area, the large difference between Eastern and Western, there is little difference between inter-provincial, that a certain region of the people, must have this or that advantages and disadvantages. These are considered to be proven is ridiculous. So, according to age, there is reasonable crossed it? I do not think so, in my opinion, young people, a lot of progressive, positive, optimistic, aggressive, beautifully written article, but there are very conservative, very secular and very materialistic These young people can not even play the \

should be recognized that the network is fair to anyone, just, it does not particularly care for young people,Christian Louboutin Heels, not because the elderly older to discriminate against them. The relationship between networks and writers, not confrontation, but goodwill and friendly. Some tension between writers and networks, for fear that some misunderstanding on the network. Also some writers, great ambition, I thought I could improve and save the network literature, in fact, that some of himself. Network is most characteristic of freedom, equality,Christian Louboutin Pigalle, each writing are independent of the individual, not only the high and low points, but no one can act as a savior. Writers, too, whether you great reputation Ye Hao, known small right; also whether you have functions, or duties are high or low, you are an ordinary person in line, put down your posture right, forget your status bar , glad you’re happy, angry you angry, sad your sad, happy, your happiness, to experience a free, unfettered by the constraints of the online life or less, you might have found that you need to save , not the network. Network literature has its own problems, but solving these problems is not the alien’s \People who really care about the network, do Do not take yourself as an outsider, but should be actively involved in the network to its own growth and contribute their part.

Fiction Contest (or tour) to degenerate into an entertainment event, is very sad. However, I believe, to the network to the next writer will more, not less. Today is 30 tomorrow, there may be 300, 3000, the mighty tide of no force can stop.Connection topic of article:


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