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. Change in the Agricultural Exhibition Hall by 718 to Panjiayuan bridge, walk to the road north east of the city glasses. Two years ago, across the street names mirror Garden City with glasses too, but wearing a headache. In April the year before the city took the road east of glasses with a payment of three hundred, wearing okay, broken right foot a few days ago. Or to the road east of glasses city. According to Baidu speaking, the prices here Bimaluxi side of cheap.

go on the road, behind a girl listen to me and asked that she go to glasses. Chatting about the past. She said she recently called the grape seed eating health products, vision improvement, degree of decline, and the like with a new style point. In her company, I first floor in the international spectacle of A21-22 Shun source Hengtai No. spent more than two optical shops with a red frame glasses, Benming Well. Wearing most of the day, come back find a headache. Comparison of the original glasses, heavy weight, and the pressure in the nose. It seems to come again tomorrow trip. Return is impossible. Can only be matched with a pair.

was also what drove them to go to 798 and small meetings. And too many choices, not good. Optometry are carried out after building a small cottage, a few hairstyles cool boy inside operation, rather people do not trust.

the evening meal, Xiao He wife said he spent only three years ago, more than a hundred pieces, the door of a cottage with the shop.

Xiao He spent thousands of myopia surgery done, now do not have to wear glasses.

into the 798, the way in to the Ullens, see the museum’s exhibition of vegetables, very new.

LIVE IN presentation is: Paris Beijing Photo Gallery II space

orange multi Ki (Ju Duoqi) is a quite talented and creative young artists. In the \Common Chinese vegetables on the table daily, food such as tofu, Chinese cabbage, ginger, lotus root, pepper, sweet potatoes, etc., one was mixed together to form an arrangement of pieces of photo montage. Eddie will be more orange vegetables drawn together to fight world-famous paintings, including Leonardo da Vinci’s \\

repeated in a variety of food and more orange cream works, she gives new life to these fruits and vegetables, they are no longer bound by their own fate. In the \Orange and more artistic forms of expression of Ki to the vegetables, and extraordinary mediocrity, her work allows us to re-examine the value of vegetables daily.

call, Xiao He did not answer, the entrance from the bead curtain into a circle, in the end is the world’s largest brand, can be said to be beautiful. Later, another friend came to pick him up, I Mokan Wan went out. Entrance has been waiting in a queue actually, today is the last day of the exhibition, and falls on Thursday, Ullens free. Xiao He and her classmates have been ranked in the header. They go in, and I am so not into that friend. I had to go in the line up. On the inside and small Ho, Xiao Sun convergence, three girls watching the TV pictures longest stay there. Evaluation of the star’s dress a lot. Zhao agreed that wearing the least fit, baggy, Zhang Ziyi, Shu Qi’s clothing is very beautiful, very stylish. Exhibitions in the last group is the ordinary people and the models wearing the same clothes, so contrast is still very large differences in feel. I do not know what this means Dior.

have impressed me, the door hanging a white dress and the star lights, placed on the floor, large mirror, reflecting the effect is very beautiful.

also made great use of fur as a model of Tarzan.

most impressed by the exhibition go to the audience the channel, like a labyrinth of narrow winding path, full of mirrors, it will not accidentally hit the same flies as not to go. Staff members instructed, or will get lost. Decorated with real bamboo, which, two months down the bamboo leaves yellow. May be boring. No ventilation. Perhaps the weather is too cold lead.

girl holding a sketch of several of the glass in the gorgeous clothes according to copy. These clothes are really beautiful.

said opening to a lot of big stars, Maggie Cheung,Christian Louboutin discount, Li Bingbing, Tang Wei, Tang Can, as well as Hollywood film star. Because they can not take pictures, so it is still in the introductory text to Douban summarize it:

2008/11/15 Yip DIOR 60 years as curator Beijing coincides with boutique fashion event in global fashion 798 people gathered in Beijing, Yip personal tour by the description of well-known Chinese artists also appreciate the design for the Dior 108 works of art, rare top fashion tour.

as a creative essence of the idea to highlight the activities, the exhibition is between two continents and two different modes of expression – and fashion dialogue. Dior, as the world-renowned legendary couture brand, as the following major contemporary artists in China the source of creative inspiration, they are:

Wang Du, Zhang Huan, Huang Rui, Li Songsong, Zhang Dali, Xu Zhongmin, Liu Jianhua, Zheng Gu, Lu Hao, Wang Qingsong, Yan Lei,Christian Louboutin Sandals, Zhang, Wen Fang, Shi Song, Wang new, when Xiao Fan, Liu, Rong Rong and mapping, the Yip, Qiu Zhijie and Yansong.

these artists from more than twenty creative works will be excited and inspired design works with Dior show, not only from Mr. Dior himself, John Galliano design couture, Kris Van Assche Design Dior Men series; there Victoire de Castellane Dior fine jewelry design work, and Christian Dior perfume and accessories line of representative works. The perfume was placed on display across the wonderful era of its birth environment, rendering the present and future of Christian Dior. Culled from the Dior archive works, sketches and photographs showing the near six-year-old was celebrating the birth of their brand in the fashion history of Dior’s noble status, and highlights the future of Dior as the key source of fashion inspiration element. The exhibition for the Chinese artists in their unique way of interpreting meaning Dior, Dior presents a perfect re-creation in the contemporary world potential.

original charm of this exhibition lies in its unique and sophisticated layout, visitors will enjoy the charm of the essence of Chinese art scene, here called the world’s most innovative, the most surprising and the most abundant dare more boldly one of the areas of art production. These works in a futuristic perspective of East-West cultural collision deduced wonderful blend of the process.

read out the three of us, friends to come, in the queue, the engineering boys do not read. Invited us girls to drink coffee and chat will be four days. Then send the three of us boys to go to dinner, open from five to six thirty, from the northeast to the southwest of the southern line Dashanzi Court, just a traffic peak. We get off the drink Laoya Tang,Christian Louboutin Pigalle, boys drove home. Late result is that as our driver. Ha ha. Shocked by the dinner

husband was admitted to a small job, Dr. Ho, 20 February classes, we always think that 5 months after the person is about to become a father for Ph.D. study at this time to escape with children in responsibility. Ha ha. But still very happy for him. He has been amused with the English and we ate. We laugh a Chaqi. After they sent me to Changchunjie subway, I sat down Chongwenmen V line switch to go home. Neighbor in the subway to see a handsome looks, short haircut girls texting: Today I feel I was very young, really happy, thank you. I peek at her, have been very young and Well. Where’s remarks? Peeping SMS is immoral. But I could not help but peep. She is very focused, perhaps baby love it. She really wished to be happy.Connection topic of article:


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