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main screen: 26 million color TFT display, 3.0-inch

Dimensions: 108 × 53.1 × 11.95mm, 68cm3


Edit Comment: LG GM360 as a touch screen phone, Unlike other touch-screen smart models so powerful, however, the machine has a relatively simple design, detail design is also very fine, adding a 500-megapixel camera, Schneider-certified,Christian Louboutin Heels, so do not discount the aircraft became not withhold the entertainment camera phones, worth considering buying.

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[Reference]: LG GM360 (revised machine) 799 yuan
[sales business]: Hua Yingxiong mobile phone chain
[business address]: Head Office: Guangzhou Zhongshan Road No. 36 Hua Yingxiong Cyberport (Zhongshan West Road and Cemetery Junction)
[business telephone]: National toll-free hotline :400-678-9993
[Warranty]: OZ one year warranty

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LG GM360

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configuration, LG GM360 supports GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, GPRS and EDGE networks ,Christian Louboutin Pumps, GSM dual card dual standby, in addition, also has Bluetooth v2.1,Christian Louboutin Pigalle, WiFi wireless and FM radio, support TF card (microSD card). Camera side, LG GM360 built a 500-megapixel camera with Schneider authentication, the default CMOS sensor, digital zoom, video capture with sound, in addition, also supports push e-mail function.


】 【Guangzhou market in the mobile phone market is now more and more touch devices are popular, LG with exquisite exterior design and unique touch control system, a firm footing in the mobile phone market, LG GM360 (parameter forum software) The 500 million pixel large touch-screen phones reported out of the promotional price of 799 yuan, more worthy of our attention. The machine uses a simple elegant candy bar design, the overall shape of simple and smooth, not only in terms of shape and control, as always, excellent multimedia performance had a great breakthrough, the biggest feature is to have a 500-megapixel camera Schneider Certification head camera was even better results.

appearance, LG’s design has its strengths, this LG GM360 using simple generous candy bar design, measurements size of 108.9 × 52.9 × 11.95 mm and weighs only 95 grams, it looks very thin thin, the whole body using a plastic material with a metallic luster, while, with a 3-inch with material 26 million color TFT touch screen, resolution of 240 × 400 pixels (WQVGA), display crisp and clear.

Available colors: Black

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LG GM360 Click image to view detailed information

camera: 500 million pixel CMOS sensor

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Tip: Buy phone is not parallel quality assurance, please choose carefully!

LG GM360 Click image to view detailed information

LG GM360 Click image to view detailed information

Availability: June 2010

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