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1, causing the customer’s attention. Will focus on a variety of products on display, a single large area display products, promotions, etc. caused by the theme of the display of customer attention. 2, reflect and enhance the brand image. Display is to show customers the way products and brand image, so at any time to pay attention to whether it helps reflect and enhance the brand image. 3, the most accurate intercept target customers. To analyze the store environment and customer habits, in the target customers are most likely to display products to reach areas. 4, compared with the rationalization of similar products. Will be placed in the same grade of their products and types of regions can be formed brand, variety, and prices reasonable with comparison to other similar products, to avoid unreasonable unusual type of product comparison. 5, the rational use of display area to maximize sales. 6, increase product and customer contact opportunities. Whether the display is to find a new location or expansion of the original display area, products and opportunities to engage more customers and sales opportunities will be. 7, reflect the product’s primary and secondary structure. Not evenly distributed on all the products on display area, but to block by display size, display position is good or bad, there are times the Lord’s display products. Second, the choice of a terminal display location, display must be close to your main competitors. A, remember that \B, while your main competitors of consumer groups also happens to be the target consumer customers. You can borrow it appeal to you attract customers. And through the successful marketing and promotions personnel to intercept the opponent’s potential customers. 2, the more concentrated the special events area that will attract many customers, as some customers are holding a special store flyers to find the product, customers will be special activities in areas that the product is more favorable. Third, how to get to the location of a good display to enhance the penetration of the terminal business. In addition to leading brands, other brands on display in order to have good location and large display area must have good customer relations. Distribution and display the location of investment managers, store purchases, long counter, the store tally clerks have a great relationship. 2, seizing the opportunity to adjust and expand the display. Just entering a very difficult product to find the ideal location and adequate display of the display area, once you have a good time to be able to adjust the position the more the better, the more stressed the greater area. A, with sales sluggish in the brand Chegui time. B, a new approach needs to be adjusted when the product. C, seasonally adjusted product structure in time. D, large-scale festival, anniversary, special activities. 3, the promotional activities as a condition for display on the support. Through special events, activities and shopping to buy gifts negotiations to secure a special display of support, and display shelves while expanding the area after the event has been expanded to occupy the exhibition area. Every opportunity, even if it is more like a product, add up, you will be increasing the display surface, and if you do not care about the \; your site, your display will gradually shrink, sales decline. Fourth, window design issues to consider before: 1. Sight of the customers walk: Although the window is static, but the customer is in the walking and exercise. Therefore, the window design must consider not only the customers still enjoy the best view angle and height, but also consider the window from far to near visual effects, and through the window before the \For customers in the farthest window where you can see the effect, we not only creative in the window to be different on the theme should be simple, even at night due to increased light levels in the window, generally light in the window brightness than the 50-100% increase in stores, illumination to reach 1200 – 2500Lx. In addition, customers walking in the street, usually the right line is, through the store, general store right across from the store. Therefore, we design them, not only to stand in front of the customers before the window display of results, but also consider the customer side effect seen through the window. 2. Windows and store to form a whole: the window is a part of the store, and store in the layout to match the overall display of style, form a whole, in particular, Transparent windows not only to consider the style and the entire store in coordination more to consider and window shelves closest to the color of several groups of co-ordination. In practical applications, often forget the style on display in stores. The results we see this scene: the window of the design is very simple, but inside is very complicated. Or outside is very modern, but inside they are very classic design. 3. And stores to be echoed in the marketing campaign: the window from another perspective, but also as a TV series of the notice, it is informed about business information, transfer stores in the sales information, the transmission of this information and stores should be activities echoes. If the window is the \4. Topics to be simple and clear style to stand out: We do not just put on their shop windows to consider, but also to enlarge the window to the whole street up for consideration. In the whole street lane, in fact, only a small section of your window, like a section of the film, slightly became an instant death. Customers before the window of your stay is a small period of time. Therefore, the theme of the window must be a clear theme, not this also propaganda, that’s propaganda. Use the most simple way to tell the customer you want to display the expression of the theme. Fifth, the window design technique: the window of the design techniques are varied, according to the different window sizes, we can showcase the different combinations and ideas. Small window is the epitome of a large window, the window once you have the basic design rules, it could easily cope with large windows in the design. Currently, most of the clothing brand’s main store of the shop, the main terminal in the market, a single main facade and the two facades, window size is also essential in the 1.8-3.5 meters. The small windows, is basically two or three models using the display mode. Thus, according to this reality, with emphasis on the three model forms the basis of an example combination of the window method. 1. Basic combinations: models and costumes are the most important element in the window, a simple showcase of the extreme will have both elements, while these two elements also determine the basic framework and window shape, so learning the display window a combination of ways to start the arrangement of the model to start. Different combinations of models and variations will produce intervals, echoing and rhythm. Different arrangements give people different feelings. Changing permutations and combinations of the same model, we can change the model from the clothing with the body to be more interesting changes. In addition, appear in the same window of clothing, we usually use the same set of clothing, such clothing color, design style will be more coordinated, more concise content. To make the window become more abundant, we also need the length of this series of clothing, size and color adjustments. Combination of models and clothing, there are several basic combinations: A. Pitch the same, the same clothing. This arrangement means that each model with equidistant between the way a strong sense of rhythm, as wearing the same clothes, have more eye-catching. For promotional activities and casual wear brand to use, downside is there are some monotonous. To change this situation, the most common practice is the location of the mobile models. Or change the model to adjust the body’s clothing. Two changes will bring a whole new feeling. B. Spacing is different from the same garment. Since the distance between the transformed model, resulting in a musical sense of rhythm, although the clothing the same, but will not feel monotonous, giving a clean aesthetic rules. C. Pitch the same, different clothing. In order to change the arrangement of monotonous, we can change clothes to get the model has a new change of clothing combinations. Since the change to make this combination of clothing in the rule of an additional interesting changes. D. Spacing is different in different clothing. This is our most popular clothing shop window arrangement, the spacing of the models and clothing are changed so that the whole window presents a lively and natural style. E. Kimono accessories plus some props to make the window more full of changes. 2. Comprehensive changes in combination: a basic grasp on display in the window display methods, next thing is to consider the whole window, and a combination of design changes. A, the pursuit of a harmonious and beautiful sense of rhythm: the performance of specific models is the spacing between the arrangement, the clothing changes color depth and size, position of the interludes, and the direction of the line windows. From the length and various colors of clothing the size of the control area, the display of clothing worn a normal way, there are fastened at the waist of the dress, and then through a red bag and red shoes echo. Through a series of costumes and props combination and arrangement affects the customer’s attention, plus the different variations of the model direction, so that only two main colors of the window presents a wealth of changes. Will be a clothing model and white model on display interval. Full of music, rhythm, like the curve of the background wave, as in the wind, the window gives a very lyrical feel. B. Exaggerated sense of the impact of the pursuit of singular: in this way, the most common practices is to put the model into a large photographic poster size, or to repeat the arrangement of some objects, create a visual impact on the number. Or some of the unconventional things put together to look pedestrian focus. \General clothing store, the facade is generally the width of 8 m within the road speed by ordinary people, by the time is about 10 seconds, how in this short span of 10 seconds to seize the customer’s eyes, is the window design the most critical issues. Sixth, the basic principles of merchandising display of the basic factors in addition to outside, from the display of the entirety, there are more important functional elements, including theme, focus, balance, proportion, composition, color, space planning, common practice, repetition effect, capacity Planning and serialization, and other principles of human engineering. They integrated the basic operation used in the process of displaying. Adoption of these principles will help you to arrange the series from the overall perspective of products, special products to give the most renowned locations, and how the different categories of products and color matched with the treatment and so on. Concise form and content-rich whole show only one purpose, to make the sale as soon as possible to reach. 1, the theme of the display results from the entire store, you can allow customers to feel a brand brand culture. That is the style of a brand, product positioning and market positioning. Topics to be with the seasons, promotion and change. In the seasons change, from the effects of the store’s display allows customers to know very clearly the primary season to push products and pushing the main color; in various promotional activities, to make the customer very clear knowledge of the promotional activities the specific content. 2, the focus of each display surface, the first view is the focal point to attract attention, such as the focus of the shops after the image of the sign is the cashier. The focus is usually located in eye level or above eye level, the color contrast of POP posters, or product combination is often set to focus. It can guide an orderly manner, expand the customer’s attention and echo from a certain point and provide a visual effect. Be sure to set the focus of each display surface, highlighting the theme. Products usually focus on a representative sample of some of the models, supplemented with a product, then posters and POP. POP should be relatively near the product. 3, the color of the color theme to order a clear theme throughout the store, ordered a strong visual effect and impact. More use of color contrast in the display is set to focus on the color display of goods or to create a gradient effect, so that customers have rhyme dynamic, coordinated and layered, and easily target products sold. 4, the balance meet the people’s psychological orientation, stretch lead to visual harmony, stability, and orderly and concise, using the principle of balance can be an orderly arrangement of products, consistency of visual transmission. The principle of balance throughout the entire back wall and the combination of the individual products on display should be noted that association 5, according to human engineering practices and common principles of space layout, lighting setup, the flow of guidance, the principles of proportional size, reasonable for display. Shop apart from the middle shelf of not less than 120CM, guiding the flow of customers after the door to facilitate the smooth and can access as many goods, the store well lit, no dark or bright lights, as far as possible the placing of customer shopping habits, to the greatest products closer to customers and limits the distance, causing the customer desire for consumption. 6, repeated effects / Capacity Planning / proportion of repetition effects can create visual interest, highlighting the effects of continuous and color, and contrast the same time focus on a unified and efficient use of space, forming a strong visual impact. This principle applies to the primary season to push products or new product showcase, in particular, should focus on the actual operation of the multi-camphor repetition effect. For example: a dress with a kind of different ways, the models show, are linked and the combination method for simultaneous sampling, to focus,Christian Louboutin Heels, to maximize and strengthen their own image. Capacity planning, including: display capacity, storage capacity and goods flow cycle capacity. To effectively take control of the display shelf unit area or volume and sales volume and selling stocks occasions, to set the efficient use of space, form a unified sequence and clear visual impression, so store items will not be too sparse or too crowded, so sparse dense there, the effective increase of goods turnover. Reasonable proportion of the location is conducive to improving the overall image of the series products, control sales pace, rational distribution and take advantage of sales dynamics. (Example: store POP, display materials, display of goods in proportion to the space occupied 20%: 80% is appropriate; store display of goods capacity and storage capacity to 65%: 35% is appropriate, etc.) VII, display step 1, the space set First of all stores by region, setting out the key display areas, auxiliary display area, accessories display area, sale and display area position. With a reasonable area of the display, so that primary and secondary echoes each costume, increasing customers to browse the interesting and layered. Key display areas: shop around both sides of the wall after the main entrance and near the shelf components with visual conditions. Auxiliary display area: the main wall right and left the cashier, also depending on the circumstances of the partition wall by more messy composition. Accessories display area: that is a secondary display area. Display spaces and sale area: display spaces to showcase digital models such as fine cabinets and display area composed of a separate sale area to open up a place depending on the circumstances, and marked with clearly marked areas with a significant difference is price. 2, classification of credit products on display should display merchandise sales plan based on the company’s main product and the local situation at that time combined. 3 Notes on the basis of the classification display, to pay attention by color, size and serial display, color from field to field or from left to right in order to display the order of small to large, centralized display of similar products in the same paragraph should be the same color or close to the color order by size. Display area and assisted in the key display areas are arranged in priority order to achieve the effect of the focus. Note that to create a theme, serial displays, highlight the narrative, evoking the customer identity, increase sales opportunities. 4, taboo issues A, non-series products, costume, single-section scattered sales. B, the goods not associated with the combination of props and POP configuration, subject unknown. C, POP damaged, over-quarter have not yet replaced. D, in the cargo area of the wall, mirror, shelves, etc. Feel free to post ornaments or POP. E, placed too much independent and fragmented, for decorative display, and product marketing theme has nothing to do with the customer can not produce aesthetic echo. 5, the display update A, the display area on a regular basis to establish a new focus, while using the new POP. B, to regularly update the display in the form of products or all of the local adjustment position. C, l-2 周 every yard of goods re-planning patterns and models showing display. D, every 3 days to replace a model and dress costume mounted display. E, out of stock for mounting as far as possible to start hanging out the products, and diversified portfolio of costume and reduce the cargo area neutral. 6, the display mode A, the rainbow-style: colorful shop for products, products can be displayed in accordance with the color combination of the rainbow: the color used in the goods more lively style, the young brand. By-products such as neckties, scarves and other applications can also be appropriate. B, keyboard-style: also known as jump. Can use the product of the deep – shallow – deep – shallow interval display. Can also use the length of interspersed mix of goods on display. Series for the goods, the combination of a strong brand. C, Gradient-style: the use of the same color in different shades of products, combined display,Christian Louboutin discount, creating rich layering of the display results. Applicable to all types of clothing displayed on. VIII, effective display of the Golden Rule 1, planning and preparation: First of all to be ready to display the necessary equipment and tools, including: display aids, pins, glue, stapler, scissors, nails, tape, shelf sling , price stickers, etc., and make the appropriate planning and preparation. 2, the customer relationship: with a good customer relations in order to obtain customer support and strive to create a good display performance. With customers to make friends, to convince customers to use the benefits of display, to cause the customer interest and attention and respect of his objections, from the customer’s point of view to consider the issue, use patience to continue to fight. 3, the customer the opportunity to point: we must seek opportunities in the retail sales performance best display occupies position to do well to consider the following general issues on display: A, you need to know which customers or which do display several clients at the . B, decided to display the type of goods required, quantity. C, find the appropriate location. D, explains the concept on display, emphasizing points of interest on display. E, response to objections to the retailer, and consent to allow customers to agree to display the time. 4, are familiar with the appropriate auxiliary aids should be particularly aware of display posters, shelves sling, box, counter display items hung on a structure, samples, brochures, logo tattoo and so on. 5, make full use of the imagination as much as possible the effective use of all available display space, considering there are no other different ways to use your display aids to display more prominent; the same time, find out what competitors are doing, and take appropriate countermeasures; use of related equipment to strengthen the existing display, so conspicuously prominent; the final display and product positioning to determine whether the match. 6, display tips A, as easy to pick up customers. B, do not let posters or display other products or things to be concealed so as not to be competitors away sales opportunities. C, do not let the retailers do not feel easy stacking of merchandise because retailers will refuse to display if the requirements of that trouble. D, different types of products do not stack together. E, as far as possible to seize a good location, customers often must go through the traffic hub or is the first choice. F, the exhibit can be seen from the outside to attract customers. G, signs guide customers to buy used, easy to find products where the customer display location. As displayed near the cash register the product so that customers passing the time of payment or they are waiting to see. H, if is a weak brand, the product should be displayed for the first brand in the next. I, on the shelves of the technique: the products on the shelves, at least in line with its market share, accounting for the largest market share position of the same class of goods 70%. Display all products should be its contribution arrangements. 7, on display for inspection and evaluation to ensure the effective display, product display cases should be the final test and evaluation, should consider the following factors: A, display position is located in the hot point B, the display is dominant in this store C, display The size of the location, size is appropriate D, whether there is clear and simple sales information E, price discounts are prominent, eye-catching and easy to read F, whether the product is easy to pick up G, if a solid display of H,Christian Louboutin Boots, is to facilitate the rapid replenishment I, display The product is clean, tidy J, retailers agree to maintain a certain period of time display of K, whether the proper use of the nine display aids, how to build shops and the atmosphere is an atmosphere of making a good product, purchase a very important factor. Under normal circumstances, it is easy to imagine the time when customers come, if not some way to regulate the atmosphere, shopping malls would be a kind of situation? At this time, or just stood at the counter clerk, or secretly hiding behind the counter, eyes wide to see the store, the same time, physical exertion, some people will ride to come out of this atmosphere of infection, other staff will sleep initiation, the whole atmosphere of the store showing a dead, when the customer site, its situation will self-evident. Some staff are not well understand the importance of atmosphere on the sales, they go to live say: \What does? \In fact, doing so will lead to more heavy selling the atmosphere, imagine, many of the staff stood silently, would be what kind of situation. Therefore, when this happens, as the regulator of the atmosphere, the first clerk to have a sense of haste, even pretend, but also much better than standing blankly. For example, holding of goods or chat with other friends would do, the sound is not too great, and will not spread out on the line. Hong Commercial Nihonbashi a manager once said: \What he means is that in the case without the customer site, the staff can not hand away from the commodity, you can win goods to the counter, hand touch, look carefully to see the inside to see its use notes; or to rearrange the location of goods will be some good sales of goods placed in the most conspicuous place, all this action, when customers see the merchandise as if it was added to the counters, so easy to sell. Some stores do the same think it made too much, sometimes not busy to see customers coming and immediately stop the hands of the matter, which is really no need. Busy because when customers see your shadow when he is also an atmosphere of influence, which is also easy to make a prompt decision in the purchase of goods, which is a very good sales. No customer site, you can do to organize, examine the work product, ready for the next sale. Salesperson in the absence of the customer when the door can not waste time doing nothing, should do the following work in order to begin service to customers at any time. 1, examination of goods sold by shopping malls factory goods even after the quality inspection, but still can not be perfect, it is inevitable that some defects into the store; sometimes despite the incoming inspection of goods is good, but in the process of moving may damage the display , or through the touch after many customers, they may fail or be defaced, and if the salesperson showed the goods these customers will not affect the mall’s reputation. Therefore, commodity inspection staff should be prepared to work. 2, sorting of goods and supplement products that have been selected and the customer after the purchase, making it easy to reduce and disorders of the case, if the salesperson to ignore this situation, and always let customers buy what he needs, or to his messy goods in the things he likes to find out, then the customer will be bored. Therefore, the salesperson should be free time, do some recording of goods, goods in and out really grasp the status and location. And every day before work or after work finishing, complementary goods, so always keep the counter clean, no lack of status goods. 3, change the display of goods because sales of goods are subject to change frequently, so the way the display of goods should also change, to put more sales of goods to a large number of out and in a visible and easy to take place. Ten, merchandise display performance skills (a), the main factor a display of goods, brightness: the store’s basic lighting shall be to maintain a certain brightness, so that customers in the purchase of visit, to see clearly. The product itself may also be to highlight its uniqueness. 2, display a high degree of: A, gold band (80cm-120cm) most likely to see, to touch the space, display the main products, key products, seasonal merchandise. B, the gold band above (120cm-180cm) and gold with the following (60cm a 80cm) … … inferior to easy to see and easy touch of gold with the space, display quasi-main commodities and general merchandise. C, atmosphere, space (210cm above) display samples or color use. 3, the concept of types of goods: according to the shape of the product itself, the different colors and prices, visit the display for customers to buy different ways. In general, can be divided into: A, small size, were the first, the volume is greater in the post. B, were the first cheap and expensive in the post. C, dark colors were in front, bright colors in the post. D, seasonal goods, fashion goods in the former, the general merchandise in the post. 4, the shelf segments: 1. Top: display some representative, the \2. Gold layer: display some characteristics of highly profitable commodity. 3. Middle: some of the stability of products on display. 4. Bottom: display a number of heavy goods, and high turnover rate, the volume of goods is also large. 5. To focus the display: the use of lighting, color and decoration, to create an atmosphere focused on the customer’s attention. 6. Display of seasonal merchandise. (B), a standardized display of goods, merchandise label to the front, make the customer at a glance, easy to pick up, but also a basic display mode. 2, safety and stability of the display, the store could open shelf products automatically without the danger of avalanche, especially the top commodities. 3, the top of the display height must be unified. 4, the vertical display of goods: that is, the so-called vertical display, the eyes move up and down than the more comfortable and convenient to move around, and avoid missing customers see the merchandise on display. 5, according to the commodity level, the flexibility to adjust the shelves, can display more changes, and balance. 6, keeping stores clean and hygiene. (C), in order to display a special display of a change, the use of the wall. 2, the use of columns. 3, the use of counters. 4, a large display. 5, the hanging display. 6, landscaping and layout of the display. 7, PoP display. (D), showing the methods and focus on clothing such as: mount standard 1, paragraph clothing should also be continuous with the adjacent hanging out 3-5 pieces to full size. Size clothing should hang out more often off the public for size. 2, mounting products to be kept clean, creased iron formation goods should hang out again. 3, removal of pins, clips and thread, buttons, zippers or belts should be fully in place. 4, non-knitted cardigans class or classes of goods, when mounted racks to be placed in the hem of the garment. 5, the series of models of products using the same hanger. 6, side mounted column spacing of goods between the 6CM-8CM 7, mounted size sequence from front to back, size small to large: from outside to inside, size small to large. 8, column mounted color gradient is from outside to inside, front to back, from shallow deep, from the Ming Dynasty to the dark. Color gradient column mounted side, front to back, from outside to inside, from the shallow deep, from the Ming Dynasty to the dark. 9, the same kind of goods hung out with the family in the same display area. 10, costumes from the mount and the ground should not exceed 15CM. 11, goods or stained, timely cleaning, handling and replacement. 12, the main color of the strong push of goods or merchandise placed in the main walls, allowing customers to clear goods subject 13, the nearest location of mounting area, should be placed in the region mounted models display the clothing. Configure both POP. XI, commodity display of goods on display in much the psychology of people related to psychology and behavior. The main push will be the general merchandise shops, new products, important profit goods placed on the right, this is because most people are accustomed to with the right hand, so always like to get something started from the right. If the larger shops, pay special attention to customers entering and exiting. In general, the first to reach retail customers and eventually left the place where shops, merchandise sales the best is the valuable place of shops. Is better but the specific import shops, or shops export better, will have sales of goods according to categories, depending on variety. Second, the design theme of the display to attract customers during the time of display of goods, pay attention to the design theme to attract customers. Sometimes a shop and launched a number of themes can be displayed, there is no interference with each other, but each other. Under the premise of the prominent theme, arrange merchandise, for decoration and landscaping. In the themed areas, not related to goods should be removed, excess merchandise, so that customers eyes focus, focus. Usually such shops can be some of the topics on display: 1, concentrated epidemic of goods on display; 2, the new focus on public goods display; 3, reflecting the operating characteristics of the goods shops concentrated on display, such as XX yuan of goods zones; 4, should be quarter of the concentration of goods on display; 5, the concentration should be things of the display of goods, people around a region well known for the theme of the event or events, concentrated in goods on display; 6, with a unique appearance or function of the concentration of goods on display; 7, the association’s focus on product or family of products on display; 8, the test of the concentration of goods or discounted goods on display.

necessary condition is excellent overall display to be very coordinated. Color, display, lighting must have strong logic, allowing consumers to see at a glance shop display design ideas and style. Props, models display must be reasonable and good to have scenes in it. Of course, quick costume changes with the seasons of goods, a good display also appeared at the right time, spring, winter, placed in the scene, clearly very inappropriate. In addition, store window displays with a different focus, to be treated differently.

window design is best to have a story on the inside, not a supermarket or a sale as long as such conditions as the best clothing brand will showcase more vividly decorated. Such as the sports brand’s spring season, you can design a picnic scene, or a picnic in the story. Many fashion brands for a few weeks to the window, then the story of the window can have some continuity. These stories can be stories from the trend or brand to get, such as the LV window display, it can be its main product method of making bags as a story.

the store’s display window to keep the story with the unity of people feel your work is very logic, maintaining the overall unity of style of store, unified direction. For example, in the window with a very eye-catching design, to express the theme of the picture this season, in the shop and this picture will display in the echo up to a unified style, and style depending on the brand itself.

markets, products, trends. Display design is based on market demand and brand decision, do display design should always think of market-oriented, while concerned about the link between products and markets.

There is now growing desire for luxury goods, luxury goods has not only representative of the identity of customers, but also a dream come true, the trend of self-realization. Customer demand for luxury goods and even beyond the requirements of the product itself. The display of luxury brands, companies can build extraordinary building, accompanied by excellent marketing and various other ways to enhance product attractive to customers. Such as the Prada store in Tokyo, the store in front of the whole wall is transparent, one can easily see inside the display, which consumers have a lot of temptation.

be noted that, open the window display of a trend today. This display mode changes the traditional style of the display window closed, eliminating the customer and the obvious boundary between the store, so customers can easily glance to store all the products, resulting in a strong sense of intimacy. Currently, the open window the Champs Elysees in France is very popular, Bi Diao and other brands to adopt this approach.

highlight romantic, increased customer intimacy. This is a very clear display of current design trends. In this display mode, the characteristics of the building is not so important, and light, the use of color is even more important. In this display mode, the mall is creating an atmosphere was unique and very characteristic, while the customer is also considered unique. In such style store, customers can enjoy the fantastic. For example, some brands of store is decorated in the same family, customers come to shop just like to make yourself at home, very free, relaxed; some stores were decorated very private, the shop walls have only a few holes, openings has also been designed into a round, in such a shop inside, customers can enjoy a full privacy.

present, hybrid display is already very common type of display techniques. It is, in fact, the concept has been created by a completely new concept, combining different styles of practice, bringing a different kind of beauty.

mixed a variety of ways, such as elements of different styles mixed with the times.

A high-end fashion, if it is free to hang on racks in general, and its high-end to not be brought, the customer may disdain. If it is \.

The product display is the cheapest, most basic form of marketing. Good display of goods can not only facilitate, stimulate customers to buy, but also to improve their products and brand image.

For example: clothing product itself can not speak, but we can use the display means, the plastic arts and lights up to let live, a casual wear brand, the use of dynamic models of leisure, jumping and dynamic surfboard also brightly colored clothing colors constitute a young summer fun at the beach surfing scene, this show lively and interesting to the consumer association to provide an immersive space.

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